7 On Your Side: Drug rehab facility Brooke's House opens in Hagerstown


Brooke’s House founder Kevin Simmers gave 7 On Your Side a tour of Hagerstown’s newest drug addiction treatment center for women.

“What we have is eight bedrooms in the house," Simmer said. "We'll have two girls to each room. Each girl has their own closet and also each girl has their own vanity and bathroom.”

7 On Your Side first met Simmers in 2016 highlighting what police called "the heroin highway."

“For 25 years as a police officer, working narcotics and such, I feel I was wrong. I locked up people in the same as my daughter and they needed help,” Simmers told 7 On Your Side in 2016.

With the help of 7 On Your Side viewers and more than $3 million in donations from around the world, Brooke's House became a reality.

“I can get you heroin here within 5 minutes. I can't get you treatment in 5 minutes. This is just one small piece that's going to help out the treatment side,” Simmers said.

Part of treatment is job training in various trades. “So this is our beauty salon here. We put the salon in the house for girls to raise their self-esteem,” Simmers said during the tour. In addition, a pet care salon, chocolate making kitchen and administrative positions will also be available for job training. Mental health counselors and a nurse practitioner will also be on site.

“Brooke would be 23 years old today. She had a story to tell," Simmer said. "She had a fire inside her. I feel if we could have got her sober she could have helped a lot of people.”

Brooke’s House accepts donations at

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