7 On Your Side: 7 tips for the best vacation deals

Beach vacation (MGN Online file photo)

It's time to make a deal, because according to travel experts this is your best opportunity in years to save on spring break or a summer vacation.

Timothy Jones of Omega World Travel, a local travel agency says, “If there are still seats available and the airline wants them gone, they will discount them even a day or two before travel.”

Inexpensive flights, hotels, Florida [$80 round trip to Ft. Lauderdale], Las Vegas [$102 roundtrip] San Francisco [ $218 roundtrip], Boston [$66 round trip, and even Puerto Rico [$322 round trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico]

Laura Mandala of Mandala Research explains why are prices so cheap? Because since last January when the Trump administration instituted its travel ban, along with the growing strength of the dollar, international travelers aren't coming to the United States in great numbers.

She told seven on your side, “travel companies are trying to make up for that and are offering more deals to stimulate domestic travel.”

So here are our seven tips to get the best deals:

1) Do your homework. Be patient and do an exhaustive search of travel websites.

2) Then bounce back. Sign up for deals on a number of sites but don't pay. In a few days, they will likely email you back with even better rates.

3) Be flexible. You get the best deals if you are willing to travel during the week instead of weekend or during odd hours. Wednesday, historically has been the cheapest day to travel.

4) Hotels are offering huge deals so try booking directly with them instead of a website that books for you.

5) Or go for an Airbnb.

6) Use your age to find student or senior discounts

7) Consider a travel agent

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