Activist angry that Ward 5 trash isn't cleared

Community Activist Kathy Henderson said former mayor Adrian Fenty has been gone less than two months and already her neighborhood is covered in trash.

Years ago, Fenty came to Henderson’s neighborhood and made a big show of clearing illegally dumped trash from an alley in rear of the 1800 block of Maryland Avenue NE.

She said Mayor Vince Gray’s public works chief, Bill Howland, is now allowing trash and junk from illegal dumping to pile up in alleys. Howland held the same position under Fenty.

“This is unacceptable,” Henderson said. “This is a nightmare and we’ve asked for enforcement.”

Some of Henderson’s neighbors, however, disagree.

“It’s not because Fenty’s gone,” said Candice Gay. “It’s because we’ve got a problem.”

In the District, building managers are responsible for arranging trash pickup for their tenants. Some don’t keep up and Henderson is insisting the city make sure the trash is collected.

"This an affront to our new mayor,” she said. “This is supposed to be one city and we want the same consistent trash collection we know our neighbors in spring valley are getting."

The District’s public works department responded by saying its employees aren’t responsible for clearing illegal dumping from alleys during the fall and winter. Instead, they are busy clearing snow and collecting leaves.

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