Judge denies motion to dismiss lawsuit to remove Loudoun County school board member
Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts. (7News)

LEESBURG, Va. -- In the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, a group of parents are trying to remove Beth Barts from the county school board.

On Tuesday, a judge denied Barts' motion to dismiss the case. The judge also removed the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney from the case. Citizens of Leesburg argued there was a conflict of interest.

Ian Prior, who is leading the charge to remove Barts from the school board is pleased with the judge’s decision to appoint an independent prosecutor.

“We are ecstatic," Prior said. “I can say for months, parents have been asking for a seat at the table. We haven't been heard by the school board. They haven't given us that opportunity. The leaders here haven't stepped up to try to come to resolution about what's going on in schools, but yesterday the court gave us that seat at the table.”


7News asked Prior why he wants to remove Barts from the school board.

“Ms. Barts was part of a private Facebook group along with five other school board members,” he said. “That Facebook group decided they were going to plot against parents that were opposed to curriculum in schools and how things were being taught and how parents were trying to open schools and it created a rift in the community that we see today. I think what they [some county school board members] are trying to do is silence people as much as they can.”

After she was removed from the case, 7News asked the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office for comment and 7News also requested an interview with Barts and other school board members who are facing recall attempts. 7News did not get a call back.

7News looked on Facebook, which is where we found Barts' reaction to the judge’s decision. Barts said she campaigned with the current Commonwealth Attorney in 2019 “so this is to be expected” she said.


We also found a post from Barts which says the “hate and threats are real.”

Loudoun County Democrats tell 7News their school board members have received threats from parents.

7News called the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to learn more about the alleged threats.


“Over the past several months the LCSO investigated a number of complaints surrounding messages posted by a social media group, as well as messages sent in response to representatives and employees of Loudoun County Public Schools,” a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said. “The LCSO examined the law in relation to the messages and consulted with state and federal attorneys to determine if they met applicable criminal elements of the law. The thorough investigations included working with social media platforms to identify those participating in these and other related communications. The investigations did not result in any criminal charges.”

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