WATCH: MetroAccess drivers employed by TransDev stage strike to 'win a fair contract'
Metro Access drivers employed by TransDev plan to strike on Monday. (ATU Local 689)

MetroAccess drivers employed by TransDev in Landover, Md., staged a strike as early as the 2 a.m. shift on Monday.

Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union 689, who normally pick up their vans at Hubbard Road MetroAccess Garage in Landover, reported to work in uniform and then formed a picket line.

It's really sad to watch your co-workers struggle to come here to run these routes like they do because they can't afford to take off," said picketer Valerie Thomas. "We want better healthcare, we want more money, we would like to have a pension," Thomas said.

According to a statement from the union, 96% of union members voted more than four weeks ago to strike starting Monday, Aug. 1 if a new agreement has not been ratified.

This strike will last however long it takes to win a fair contract that puts our members on a pathway to the middle class” the union said. 

“Local 689 has over 200 paratransit drivers, utility, dispatchers, maintenance workers, and road supervisors as members at the Hubbard Road MetroAccess facility.”

Metro Access drivers employed by TransDev plan to strike on Monday. (ATU Local 689)

In addition to seeking more equitable pay, the union is calling on WMATA to end the privatization that has private contractors providing essential public services.

“In 2019, ATU Local 689 members stayed out on strike for 85 days as Transdev refused to agree to a fair contract for the MetroBus workers at Cinder Bed Garage. WMATA was able to end that strike by agreeing to a deal that fully ended MetroBus privatization. We’re proud to say that those workers were brought in-house and are now full WMATA workers. We know that MetroAccess privatization has been a failed experiment that leaves transit workers and riders behind.”

WMATA issued the following statement Sunday night:

“We are aware of possible MetroAccess labor disruptions involving Transdev employees. We continue to monitor the situation and have plans in place to limit the inconvenience to MetroAccess customers.”

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