Woodbridge teacher named Virginia's Computer Science Educator of the Year

Before the first bell rings at Leesylvania Elementary in Woodbridge students like Ava Dorsey take in technology through the school's robotics club. It's where she got to know instructional technology coach Tobin Traxler.

"He makes it quite easy to learn because he explains things and breaks it down for you," said 11-year-old Dorsey.

"He has taken a school, we're a one on one, where every child has a device in the building, and has really grown our computer science skills with our students and also with our teachers," said Principal Meg MacGregor.

"I teach the kids how to use coding by adding either a math or reading skill with it. So, I'll have a math problem and then the answers are on a grid and students have to code the mouse to the correct answer, said Traxler.

His integration of coding into everyday lessons is getting recognition well beyond Prince William County. Traxler was recently named the Virginia Computer Science Educator of the Year.

"Congratulations!," said 10-year-old Micah Avila.

Traxler has been working at Leesylvania for three years and attributes much of his success to support from school leaders and staff. His primary goal: to challenge students while making learning fun.

"You already have the buy-in when you say tech or anything with coding. These kids are so used to that so now all you have to do is just spin it with teaching and they're going to be more engaged and more likely to learn from it," Traxler said.

Traxler was selected for the award from a pool of more than 40 other computer science educators across Virginia.

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