Working outdoors in snow necessary for many

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - If you don’t think working outdoors in the snow is dangerous, just ask the driver of this bus trying to negotiate a turn on a snow-covered hill in Arlington.

"I tried to move to the right side, but the bus wheel doesn't obey me," said driver Yeden Woleesemayf.

He off-loaded his passengers, but couldn’t make a left turn, so he parked and called for help.

But for the FedEx deliveryman, there was no help in the snow. Dan Castelli was out in the height of the storm, but for him, it was just another day on the job.

“Business as usual," he said. "We are moving a little slower than we normally would to keep safe, but yeah."

And the show goes on for bellman Francis Asare, who is out all day in the cold and snow hailing cabs for guests at this hotel.

"I have to work.... I have to take care of the people," he said.

And when the weather gets bad, it becomes a busy time tow truck drivers, snow shovelers, and even pizza deliverers.

"It's not slowing down no time soon, so we're gonna be out here for a while. It's good, more pay," said snow shoveler Malcolm Turley.