With much less wind, it's Calm Sunday

      This Afternoon: Sunny & Milder, Much Less Windy

      Highs: 47-52 | Wind: NW 5-10

      Tonight: Clear Skies, Chilly

      Lows: 28-25 | Wind: S 5-10

      Monday: Sunny & Breezy, Warming Up

      Highs: 58-63 | Wind: SW 10-15/G 25

      After plenty of huffing and puffing yesterday, February{}is ending its final weekend on a much calmer note.{} Peak wind gusts in the 40 to 50 mph range on Saturday, combined with snow squalls and wind chill temperatures in the upper 20s{}made for a decidedly wintry day.{} But with the strong low making its way farther to the northeast and high pressure in place for us in the midatlantic, look for winds to subside to a far more reasonable 5 to 10 mph range.{} And with more sunshine today, the near 50 degree high will feel noticeably milder{}compared to{}yesterday's big chill.{} After a clear and cold night, Monday{}promises yet more sunshine, southerly breezes, and highs back toward the springlike 60s.

      With{}no snow expected through{}Wednesday, it looks as though February's snowfall tally this year{}will be a paltry 0.3 inches.{} That is actually not that different from last year's 0.5 inches or 2009's 0.1 inch.{} Of course, 2010's February was the notorious Snowmageddon month when 32.1 inches buried the region.{}{}Since March's typical snowfall amount in Washington{}is 1.3 inches and the month{}has been known to produce late season storms - notably, 5.5 inches in 2009 and 8.7 inches in 1999 - it is too soon to close the books on winter - much as we might want to!{} Enjoy your Sunday.{}