Winter Weather Advisory issued for D.C. area Tuesday

Photo: Richard Reeve

(WJLA) - A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for a majority of the D.C. Area through Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service says that periods of heavy snow may be possible for portions of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The Stormwatch 7 team expects anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow to fall early Tuesday morning and into Tuesday afternoon.

Stafford and Spotsylvania counties in Virginia and Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties in Maryland are not included in the advisory. Every other city and county in the D.C. area is affected.

Several counties are already making preparations for the potential second round of snow. In Prince George's County, many agencies are once again readying their plows and salt trucks. Meanwhile, in Virginia, VDOT officials say that they're reading their roads for more snow as well.

This latest bout of snow comes just a day after the region was battered by snow and freezing rain, leaving thousands in the dark and tree limbs littered across streets.

From scraping cars to sweeping driveways, residents woke up early across the D.C. area to clean up mother nature's mess. In Alexandria, Laurie Salama was inside her home when trees came crashing down.

"It was a huge explosion and it looked like fireworks outside my window," Salama said. She's one of the tens of thousands in the region that lost power, and like many, she's not sure when it will come back.

Crews from a multitude of power agencies, including Pepco, NOVEC and Dominion, are out in full force trying to restore power to affected customers. However, some residents are concerned that the ice that's hanging around may still bring down more branches.

Meanwhile, for the first time in two years, the city of Frederick has had to deploy its plows. The neighborhood cul-de-sacs were the final stop on Monday.

"Last night everything was icing up, so it was a little difficult to scrape the road, but today, with the warming of the sun, it's been an easy task," said Tom Rippeon, a resident of Frederick.

Closer in, mostly wet but still downed trees did pose a hazard -- like this one on Massachusetts Avenue near Little Falls Parkway in Bethesda. And the further north you go, the whiter it gets.

In Gaithersburg, we found Alexander Atzert clearing a couple of inches of slushy snow and ice off his driveway.

"Thought I'd get a little bit of exercise," he said. "Come out here and shovel a little bit!"

The worst was overnight and early this morning, when emergency crews responded to multiple crashes triggered by icy roads. By mid-morning however, the sun was out, but so too was power in scattered areas – 7,000 outages at one point in Montgomery County.

This crewman carefully manipulated a pole to cut off the power so they could work on the downed lines. And while the roads are now clear, the Maryland State Highway Administration is now gearing up for a messy morning rush on Tuesday.

It’s estimated that there will be even more snow for Frederick, which already has up to eight inches, and gave the Spangler family of Frederick a day off from school and work.

"We really enjoyed it," said Joey Spangler. "We've been baking Christmas cookies and watching some Christmas movies and kind of taking advantage of the day off."

It seems there’s a good chance that five-year-old Martin will be making more snowballs tomorrow.

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