Winter Storm 2013: D.C., Maryland & Virginia wrap

From Northern Virginia to the Shenandoah Valley, Wednesday's winter storm took quite a toll on the roads, trees and homeowners.

Nearly a foot of snow fell in Winchester on Wednesday. Crews worked throughout the day and into the early morning hours of Thursday to clear the roads. Many side streets and neighborhoods are slick.

Silver Spring
Closer to home, toppled trees caused problems for roads crews and home owners.
In Silver Spring, a man and woman were driving down Newcastle Avenue Wednesday when a tree from Rock Creek Park fell onto the road and smashed their SUV. Both walked away unharmed.

Capitol Heights
In Capitol Heights, Curtis Jeter and four members of his family were inside their house when suddenly the biggest tree in the neighborhood came crashing down. All five people got out okay. A one year old baby who normally sleeps in the room that took the direct hit from the tree wasn’t home at the time.

Fauquier County
The storm is being blamed for one death in our area. It happened in Fauquier County. Joseph John Brozina was working to clear damaged trees from his home in Stafford when a tree fell. He was hit on the head and killed instantly.