Winter 2013-2014 Snapshot: The Season of Snow and Cold!

Less than two weeks until Meteorological Winter (defined as the three coldest months of the year) is finished and many Midwest cities have already slid into the record books. Here’s a look at a few of the snow and cold weather records already set.

Midwest Snowfall Totals & Rank

Midwest Winter's Chill

Chicago: 22 days with subzero lows ranks as the 4th highest in a winter season.

Milwaukee: 2013-2014 is ranked as the 10th coldest winter on record to date with an average temperature of 16.6 degrees.

Detroit : 5th coldest winter so far with an average temperature of 20.3 degrees.

Locally, snowfall totals have been on par with average in the nation's capital but higher than average north and west. Here's a snapshot of winter snow accumulation to-date:

As for temperatures in Washington, December was 2.6 degrees above average. The cold air then plunged into the Mid-Atlantic{ }for the second half of winter. January was 3.8 degrees colder than average and February hasn’t seen much improvement with the average temperature 2.6 degrees colder than what is normally expected.

The break in the cold outside now is just temporary;{ }winter temperatures{ }return early next week. For more on the upcoming forecast for Washington, click here.