Another windy day

      Today: Partly cloudy and windy

      Highs: 57°-69° | Wind:{ }W/NW 15-25 mph gusting to 30 mph

      Overnight: Partly cloudy and colder

      Lows: 30°-40° | Wind: NW 6-12 mph

      Tomorrow:{ } Considerably cloudy, windy and chilly...sprinkles possible

      Highs: 52°-57° | Wind: NW 15-25+ mph

      An elongated area of low pressure along the East Coast is allowing cooler air to push into the region from the north and even cooler air will move in tomorrow before this trough moves out and high pressure returns. It will be windy again today{ }under partly to mostly sunny skies. And the{ }fire danger will be enhanced from noon through early this evening. Another RED FLAG WARNING is in effect through the afternoon. Temperatures will fall into the 30s tonight and not move much beyond the lower 50s tomorrow with partly to{ }mostly cloudy skies. We still expect breezy conditions tomorrow but not as windy as it will be today. Improvement begins on Thursday with more sunshine and milder temperatures.

      By Friday, a warming trend will begin. In fact, temperatures will warm into the 70s over the weekend with partly to mostly sunny skies.