Who's Ready For May Temperatures In March? How Long It Will Last.

      We will get a taste of Spring this week, as highs will{}climb into the{}70s each day.{} Average highs for early/mid March are low to mid 50s, so highs, this week,{}will be a good 15-20 degrees above average!{}

      With the above average highs, will we break any records?{} Probably not.{} Take a look at a neat graphic meteorologist Adam Caskey created that displays the forecast highs, this week, in comparison to the records for each day.{}

      Courtesy @AdamCaskey

      Even though we most likely won't break any records, March is certainly starting off on a warm note.{} As of Monday, we're 12 days into the month of March and 6 above average.{} Coming off of a record breaking winter, it will be interesting to see how the spring and summer fair, in regard to temperatures.{} So what's the likelihood of temperatures{}staying above average?{}

      The Climate Prediction Center releases temperature and precipitation outlooks on a regular basis.{} The latest one came out yesterday.{} Check out the 6-10 day outlook!

      NOAA CPC

      The deep red/purple colors{}indicate the high probablity of warmer than average temperatures.{} About half of the U.S. is projected to be above average!{}{}Below is a{}look at the one month outlook, where the U.S., and more specifically D.C., looks{}faily likely to be above{}average. *note this is for the month of March, as the graphic is valid from Feb. 29 through the end of March.{} In contrast, the Western U.S. and Alaska{}will be below average (I'll{}certainly take the{}warmer than average temps!).{} {}

      NOAA CPC

      Enjoy the warmer temperatures and the{}taste{}of Spring, which officially begins Tuesday, March 20th.{} Also, keep in mind highs this time of year are generally in the low to mid 50s.{} It's not until May that average high temperatures are in the low 70s.{}Happy *almost Spring!