Weekend rain causes floods throughout D.C.

(WJLA) - Two days of relentless rain caused the Monocacy River to jump its banks.

By sunrise, the damage could be seen by NewsChopper 7 - including a playground completely submerged.

Fears of the Patuxent River flooding prompted the Laurel MARC station commuter lot Maryland to be closed Monday morning. That reduced the number of available parking spaces by 40 percent. Many commuters were forced to turn around and look elsewhere.

"I was going to leave at the regular time and then my son texted me and said, 'you know the parking lot is closed - the river is flooded' and I said, 'oh no, I've got to leave early then," commuter Linda Neihaus told ABC7.

By mid-morning the Patuxent River posed no further threat to the parking lot, so it reopened around 10 a.m.

Elsewhere, southbound commuters on the George Washington Parkway had an extensive delay when a giant hole opened up in the pavement. Electronic arrows guided drivers around crews brought in to make repairs.

Quince Orchard Road, a busy commuter route, was shut down for the morning commute, and authorities say it could remain that way for days.

In Upper Marlboro, the sight of brown water rising always gets people nervous.

The western branch often floods the appropriately-named Water Street.

"It's pretty crazy," said Patrick Sergeant on Monday. "It's wild, seeing all this water coming back up."

At Marlboro Tire, they watch the water level closely.

"When we see Water Street starting to flood over, we start preparing our shop; start putting away tools and equipment," said employee Brian Kress.

Kress explained, that's because a blue line marks the height that water reached during a flood back in September of 2011. Fortunately, on Monday, waters were receding fairly quickly.

Gaithersburg was another area of concern, where the safety of townhomes was in jeopardy after soggy ground was blamed for a ground shift and the collapse of a retaining wall Monday morning.

Two homes in the Kentlands neighborhood were evacuated as a precaution.

"I think it looks dangerous for the house up on the hill," Dave McNeilly told ABC7.