Weather for the past 11 Marine Corps Marathons

Why 11? I wrote a post on the past 10 last year and added the 2012 data as well. Just an update!

The 38th running of the Marine Corps Marathon will be Sunday{ }October 27th this year. This race was established in 1976 and is currently the 5th largest race in the United States and the 9th largest in the world. I ran the race last year and actually wrote this article on the weather for the past 10 Marine Marathon's. As it's registration day, I figured I might as well do an update to the post, as last year was threatened by Hurricane Sandy.

The race ended up being great, with a breeze and a few sprinkles at times, but the temperatures were in the mid 50s for the start (54) and lows 60s (62) for highs, so they were just about perfect. The biggest problem ended up being people trying to get out of town to get home, as the next day featured Sandy moving along the eastern seaboard causing massive delays. Reagan National Airport recorded 3.85" of rain that Monday with an average sustained wind of 24.2 mph. Here's to hoping for great weather this year! Take a look back at the past weather for the marathon.

Weather for the Marine Corps Marathon the Past 10 Years

Look how consistent that is! The normal high for the end of October is 64 to 65 degrees. Temperatures over the past 10 years were in the 60's 7 times. High temperatures even averaged out to 65.3 degrees over the past 10 years. I really think the lucky part is the rain though. 9 of the past 10 years were dry which means the world to a marathon runner.

As a competitor in 2010, I found the Marine Corps Marathon to be one of my favorite races I have ever entered. Everything from the sign up, to the Expo, to the race itself was flawless. Running with 30,000 other people in Downtown D.C. is incredible, and running along with the soldiers that protect our freedom on a daily basis is inspiring. If that's not a good sell to run a marathon I don't know what is. Don't worry, I'll be forecasting for it once again this year!

The one thing I didn't like about the race? The hated 14th Street Bridge. That's where I hit my wall! Where did you hit yours?