Weather blogger Metcalfe advects from the region

A year and some change ago I took this job to work with the one and only Bob Ryan on an ambitious digital project to cover everything about D.C. weather. Today, reflecting on screeds about weird holes in clouds, the weather on Judgment Day, poor birds crashing into windows, an insidious sea goo known as "rock vomit," a fool's journey into driving thundersnow and Scotland's delightful Hurricane Bawbag, it looks like this project got a little out of hand.

But it was definitely fun. And so I'll miss writing for this site after today, when I leave for another web-based endeavor across the river in D.C. Many thanks to you all for reading and commenting (except you, "Anonomous," to whom I say, No, your gay). The stellar WJLA weather team will be updating here with the latest on looming storms and smothering snows, so keep the bookmark intact if you like knowing when to pack an umbrella in D.C.

Until next time, stay warm and dry.