WATCH: Pumpkin that weighs as much as a car grows in timelapse

So what if there's a pumpkin shortage this year. This seed-stuffed behemoth grown by Ken Desrosiers has enough meat on it to provide pumpkin pie for all.

Desrosiers, a humble Connecticut dirt farmer with a knack for creating monstrous squash, submitted his pumpkin this year to the Durham Fair and wound up taking first place. At 1,487.5 pounds, his entry set a new fair record for pumpkin weight; the previous fattest pumpkin weighed 40 pounds less. That's as heavy as some cars.

According to a news report, winners were paid about $1 per pound, so Desrosiers will have plenty of cash to spend on fertilizer for next year's crop, as well as pain pills, perhaps, for the back strain caused by rolling this titan of fruits out of the pumpkin patch. Fortunately for humanity, Desrosiers had the presence of mind to document his orange baby's massive growth spurt. Have a look at the time-lapse video after the jump.

Want more pumpkin time lapse? Here's another video, this one ending with the very satisfying explosion of the pumpkin with TNT: