WATCH: Frightful rogue waves and killer breakers in the Pacific

Typhoon chaser James Reynolds has seen a lot of scary stuff while working as a freelance weather videographer in the Pacific. Recently, he decided to make a highlights reel. You won't want to even smell a sea breeze after watching it.

The short compilation opens up in Taiwan with a truly terrifying wave rising up from roiling seas during 2008's Super Typhoon Jangmi. This is like the Butterbean of waves, one that could knock you out for eternity. The film then cycles through various violent images that Reynolds has collected while documenting the "most extreme and destructive forces of nature." Prepare for unnerving rogue waves, punishing storm surges and more surf than what's on offer at the Red Lobster.

For more of Reynolds' work, visit Typhoon Fury or follow him on Twitter. Video follows the jump.