WATCH: Evil snowman scares the bejeezus out of passersby

With snow in the forecast, the mind turns to the innocent joys of wintertime like snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen. Or if you're completely evil, obtaining a snowman costume and using it to scare the leaping skin off of unsuspecting pedestrians.

That's what the team behind Freaky the Scary Snowman has been doing for the past year. Jay Lichtenberger had friend Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes construct a snowman that looked like it would enjoy skating over the ice of the Ninth Circle of Hell. One of them climbs into the bulbous getup and hunkers down on a sidewalk somewhere. (Beware: The duo are currently headed to New York.){ } Then when a mark strolls by, Freaky jumps at them and stops the victim's heart for a few seconds. Hilarity ensues.

Warning: With any prank that causes bicyclists to swerve and eat pavement or induces the prankee to punch the pranker in the face, there is bound to be some profanity. Do not watch the video below if you have a problem with an F bomb here and there.