Washington DC Weather: Pure August heat and humidity

Today:Partly Cloudy, Warm and Humid with Isolated T-storms{ }Highs: Upper 80s Wind: SW 5-10 mph Overnight:Partly Cloudy,{ }Mugggy Lows: Mid 60s to Lower 70s Wind: SW 4-8 mph Tomorrow:Very Warm and Humid with Showers and ThunderstormsHighs: Upper 80s to Around 90 DegreesWind: WSW 10-15 mph

Very warm and humid conditions will be be experienced today and tomorrow across the entire mid-Atlantic region. The good news is these conditions will only be around for about 48 hours. So be prepared for the push into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees and dewpoints in the 70s. Isolated thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. Again tomorrow, during the peak heat of the day, showers and thunderstorms may become more widespread in advance of a cold front that will be approaching the area. Behind the front on Friday, it will become a bit cooler and less humid.

The weekend looks wonderful. I keep checking and rechecking to make sure I haven't missed something. But everything is coming together for high pressure to take up residence on Saturday and Sunday with mostly sunny skies, comfortable humidity levels and high temperatures in the lower to middle 80s. And this, as we approach the final week of August. That is about as good as it gets weather-wise, in August, around here.

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