Washington DC Weather: Clearing Skies and Gusty Winds

Today:Becoming Sunny, Breezy and MildHighs: 64º-70º Wind: W 10-15, G25 mph Overnight:Clear & Cold
Lows: 32º-40º Wind: NW 10-15mph Tomorrow:Mostly Sunny, Breezy & Cool Highs: Near 50º Wind: NW 10-15+ mph

The cold front that caused the outbreak of severe weather yesterday has passed through our area. Clearing skies, gusty winds and mild temperatures{ }will be developing{ }across our region. High pressure will bring colder air into the area tonight. It will remain sunny and breezy tomorrow{ }but a bit less breezy on Wednesday. High pressure will move out to sea on Thursday, resulting in slightly milder high temperatures. The next cold front will approach on Friday afternoon accompanied by scattered showers.