Washington DC Weather: Feels like June 1st...not November 1st

Today:AM Gusty Wind-Swept Showers, Warm, Partial PM Clearing Highs: 70º-77º Wind: S/W 15-20+mph Overnight:Scattered Clouds, Much Cooler Lows: 47º-53º Wind: NW 5-10 mph Tomorrow:Clouds and Limited Sun, Still Seasonable Highs: 64º-69º Wind: W 10 mph

A strong cold front across the Great Lakes will drag a potent cold front across our area. Gusty wind-swept rains push through during the morning rush! Showers will{ }diminish/end by{ }noon with some afternoon sun possible. Temperatures remain warm, in the 70s due to a strong southerly and westerly wind. Expect breezy, dry and cooler conditions for Friday night football. The weekend starts off gray but mild Saturday with mid to upper 60s. Sunday brings back the sunshine, but with a chilly wind and colder temperatures in the 50s. The cooler weather lingers into the start of next week!

It is also time for your daily reminder that we return to Eastern Standard Time early Sunday morning. As always, the advice is to turn your clocks BACK 1 HOUR Saturday night before going to bed, as well as remembering to replace all of the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Notice the changes to sunrise/sunset times on Saturday compared to Sunday.

Day:{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ } Sunrise{ }{ }{ }{ } Sunset:
Nov 1{ }{ }{ }{ } 7:36 AM{ }{ }{ }{ }{ } 6:07 PM
Nov 2{ } { }{ } 7:37 AM{ }{ }{ }{ }{ } 6:06 PM{ } SATURDAY
Nov 3{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }6:38 AM{ }{ }{ } { } 5:05 PM{ }{ }SUNDAY