Washington, D.C Weather Forecast: We bottom out here.

This Afternoon:Mostly Sunny Highs: Low to Mid 50s Wind: WNW 8-12 Tonight:Mostly Clear and Cold Lows: Mid 30s in Metro Wind: NW 5 Saturday:Mostly Sunny Highs: Mid-Upper 50s Wind: SW 10-15

It was a chilly morning! Areas north and west of D.C. were near and below the freezing mark for the first time this season. Here is a look at the low temperatures.{ }

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Morning Lows

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A very strong area of high pressure has set up shop in the east and will stick around into next week.{ } The good news is that there will be plenty of sunshine through the weekend.{ } Skies will be mostly clear tonight. You will be able to spot the International Space Station at 7:50p.m.It will appear in the Northwestern sky and disappear NorthNortheast. Only visible for 3 minutes. Hope you catch a glimpse.{ } After today, temperatures will stop dropping so much and start to gradually warm up. Saturday, the winds will turn to the Southwest and and it will reach 60 by the end of the weekend.{ } Still well below average.{ } There is little to nothing in terms of disturbances in the forecast until Halloween. Still a bit far out in the forecast. Here's hoping the little goblins won't have to be carrying an umbrella...