Washington, D.C. weather forecast: warmer weather to start December

Tonight: Thick Fog

Lows:{ }32°-41° | Wind: Calm

Sunday: AM Fog Then Partial Sunshine, 30%{ }Chance{ }Nighttime Sprinkle

Highs: Near 60° | Wind: S 5-10 mph

Monday: Partly Cloudy & Warm

Highs: Mid 60s | Wind: S 3-8 mph

Dense fog is developing with visibilities{ }expected to drop under a quarter of a mile in spots through 8 a.m. Sunday morning.{ } The fog will slowly lift by lunchtime with limited sunshine for the remainder of the day, but warmer air is on the way.

High temps should{ }rise to{ }near 60° on Sunday then well into the 60s for early next week.{ } Even a few locations hitting 70° isn't out of the question{ }by Tuesday afternoon.{ } A few sprinkles are possible Sunday night and early Monday morning, but the rain will be very light and limited in coverage.{ } A strong cold front is expected by the middle of next week with slightly better rain chances Wednesday morning, and with this front will be a return to more seasonable temperatures for the middle and end of next week.{ } The average high temperature at DCA this coming week is near 50°.