Washington D.C. Forecast: Taste of spring before the bottom drops out

Today:Partly Sunny, Nice Warm-Up Highs: Near 70° Wind: W 3-6 mph Overnight:Increasing Clouds, Mild Lows: 44°-50° Wind: SW 2-5 mph Tomorrow:Cloudy, Windy & Warm, Mainly PM Showers & Storms, Possibly Strong Highs: Near 70° Wind: SW/NW 10-20+ mph

It took some time but once the clouds parted yesterday it was sunny and delightful! Today looks even better as temperatures may approach 70 degrees in spots under a partly sunny sky. Wednesday, however, will bring a change as a low pressure center approaches from the Tennessee Valley. We will remain warm, despite the added cloud cover but expect rain to overspread the area from southwest to northeast. With very mild air ahead of the storm and instability aloft, it’s possible we see a thunderstorm or two and possible even a strong to severe storm. The storm is so intense it may cause winds to gust up to 50 mph Wednesday night and early Thursday.

Colder air will return to the region—at least briefly—with highs only in the upper 30s Thursday afternoon, despite some sunshine. The good news is that this cold blast will be short-lived as milder weather will return Friday with highs back in the low 50s. Have a fantastic day.

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