Washington D.C. Weather Forecast : Damp and dreary end to the week

This Afternoon:Showers, breezy, and cool Highs: Low to mid 60s Wind: NE 10-15 G 25 Tonight:Rain, heavy at times, and breezy Lows: Mid 40s to middle 50s Wind: N 10-20 mph Thursday:Chilly rain and windy Highs: 50s to near 60 degrees Wind: N 10-15 G 20 mph

A coastal storm is responsible for the chilly, rainy, and breezy conditions we'll have the next several days.{ } When you're ready to complain, try to remember the stretch of dry weather we had through September and the hot temperatures last week and this past weekend.{ }{ } The rain is much needed, though, with still over two inches below average since September 1st.{ } Rainfall estimates, from our local computer simulation, are around two inches through Thursday night -- although, I think southern Maryland will pick up more than this guidance suggests.

Bands of rain will move in from southeast to northwest through the day with winds picking up, as well.{ } Periods of moderate to heavy rain will move in overnight and will continue through much of the day tomorrow.{ } Highs tomorrow will struggle to reach the 60 degree mark.{ } Light showers and drizzle may linger into the weekend, as this low continues to spin off the coast.{ }

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