Washington, D.C. Weather Forecast: Cold and Calm to Mixed Mess

This Afternoon:Sunny and Cold Highs: Upper 20s-Low 30s Wind: N 4-8 Tonight:Increasing Clouds Lows: Low to Mid 20s Wind: SE 3-6 Saturday:Partly Sunny Highs: Low to mid 40s Wind: S 4-8

The coldest day of the week has arrived. Our morning lows were in the single digits in spots and it appears that we tied the record at Dulles (awaiting official NWS confirmation).

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Friday Morning Lows
Temperatures will struggle to even flirt with freezing this afternoon with most spots staying in the 20s. DCA should squeeze in a reading that starts with a three.{ } We will gradually warm up tomorrow with a southerly wind, but clouds will increase.{ } By Sunday, we will start to see a few showers, mainly very late in the day.{ } By Monday morning, the cold air wedges into our region to bring a mixed bag of conditions. It's tough to pinpoint specifics with the storm just emerging on the California Coast.{ } It does appear to start on the wet side and then mix and likely finish off with snow.{ } How much is the big question.{ } This is more of a classic overrunning situation, so my concerns are with the potential for freezing rain. Here is the latest probability for .10" of freezing rain Sunday night through Monday morning.{ }{ }

Probability of .10" Freezing Rain Sunday Night-Monday Morning
Accumulating snow looks most likely in Northwestern parts of the region.{ } Alex Liggitt explains more in his{ } Stay tuned for more specifics.

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