Washington D.C. Weather Forecast: Blustery Beginning, but Sunny and Calm Afternoon

      This Afternoon: Partly Cloudy

      Highs: Mid 60s | Wind: NW 5-8

      Tonight: Mostly Clear

      Lows: Low 40s | Wind: Light

      Friday: Mostly Sunny

      Highs: Upper 60s | Wind: N 5-8

      It was{} windy start to the day. In the predawn hours winds were gusting between 20 and 30mph after a cold front passed.{} We got more wind than rain out of it. Here are the rainfall totals from the last 24 hours.{}{}

      24 hour rainfall totals

      {}We could have used a little more rain to clean off the streets, wipe out the pollen and bring a bit more "green" to the vegitation.{} We are beginning a rather quiet weather pattern the next 7 days with little to no rain expected.{} Here's the surface forecast this afternoon.{}{}

      Afternoon Forecast

      The whole country is pretty quiet.{} There is a weak low pressure system that moves into the Tennessee Valley Friday afternoon.{} It will bring us some clouds late in the weekend.{} Perhaps a sprinkle on Sunday, but the only significant chance of rain the next 7 days is on Monday.{} That still, is only about a 30% probability.