D.C. weather forecast: An arctic blast is on the way

I often{ }have to travel back to Minnesota to satisfy my hunger for arctic air, that is, until now. Get ready Washington, here it comes!{ }The coldest air in 25 months is set to arrive by Tuesday.

So far this winter at Reagan National Airport (DCA), the coldest temperature recorded was 27° on January 4th, and the{ }coldest{ }high temperature was{ }38° on{ }January 3rd. Those numbers will likely be crushed as the coldest air in 25 months is expect within a few days.{ }

By Tuesday and Wednesday the bone chilling air will be in place, and as of now, I'm anticipating highs in the mid to upper 20s with morning lows in the teens and even some single digits by Wednesday morning. Here's my preliminary forecast for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning:

Forecast Lows Wednesday Morning

The last time the afternoon high dipped this low at DCA was December 2010 when the afternoon high was 27°, and the last time DCA saw 15° was{ }in march of{ }2009. However, January 2009 featured a low of only 8°, and we shouldn't get quite that cold in the metro area, but it'll still be an eye opener this week.