Washington, D.C. Weather Forecast: A Refreshing Change in the Air

This Afternoon:Partly Cloudy Highs: Low to Mid 80s Wind: NNW 5-10 Tonight:Mainly Clear Lows: Low to Mid 60s Wind: N 4-8 Thursday:Mostly Sunny Highs: Mid 80s Wind: NW 5-10

The strong cold front finally cleared us and is ushering in the most pleasant weather for July. High pressure is centered over the plains and is drawing in cooler, drier air.{ } Temperatures will be about 5-10 degrees below average this afternoon in the low to mid 80s.{ } Our average high is 89.{ } Rainfall was abundant in DC last evening. We picked up 1.71" of rain at Reagan National.{ } We'll look forward to a dry stretch of weather, but high pressure will shift off the coast on Friday to bring the humidity back. In the meantime, you might consider digging through the closet to find a jacket or sweater to wear when you leave the house in the morning. Check out the wake up temperatures on Thursday.

Lows Thursday Morning

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{ }Thursday should be the coldest morning of the bunch, but lows will remain in the 60s inside the beltway until late weekend when we reach close to 70 again for a low. Enjoy the free air conditioning!