Washington D.C. Snow: Top 10 snowiest winters

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      Take a look at the past 4 winter snowfall amounts at the local airports.

      2012-13:{} 3.1" at Reagan{} |{} 12.7" at Dulles{} |{} 8.0" at BWI Marshall

      2011-12:{} 2.0" at Reagan{} |{}{} 3.7" at Dulles {}{} |{} 1.8" at BWI Marshall

      2010-11:{} 10.1" at Reagan{} | 12.6" at Dulles{} |{} 14.4" at BWI Marashall

      2009-10:{} 56.1" at Reagan{} | 73.2" at Dulles{} |{} 77.0" at BWI Marshall

      Does anyone else notice a little discrepancy between the past 3 years and the year before? The region has seen such little snow since the 2009-10 record winter. This has been the story over the past 30 years. At Reagan National, 25 of the past 30 winters have seen below normal snowfall. The average snow at Reagan is 15.4", increasing to 20.1" at BWI Marshall and 22" at Dulles Airport.

      Commutageddon snow January 26, 2011

      An odd thing to note is 3 of the top 8 snowiest winters have occurred in the past 30 years. So out of the 5 winters that were above average, 3 of those were in the top 8! That includes the 56.1" recorded 4 years ago, the 46" recorded in 1995-96 (remember that???) and the 40.4" that fell in 2003-03. Rather interesting all 3 of these occurred in the past 18 years.

      Take a look at the top 10 snowiest winter months at Reagan National Airport.

      Top 10 Snowiest Winters at Reagan National

      Another interesting note is 5 of the top 10 snowiest months happened in 1921-22 and earlier. Two of top ten occurred within 4 years with the 1957-58 and 1960-61 winters and then of course the 3 in the past 18 years. Accurate records only go back to January 1888.

      I did a little more number crunching as I wanted to look into the "average" snowfall numbers. At Reagan National Airport since 1888, there is a 65% chance D.C. will record less than 10.4" of snow or more than 20.4" of snow. This means that the area has only experienced snowfall within 10" of average 35% of the time.

      With that being said, the D.C. area experiences feast or famine when it comes to snowfall rather often.