Washington D.C. Forecast: Clear, Calm and COLD

Overnight:Winds Diminishing Under Clear SkiesLows: 24-36 Wind: NW 3-8 mph Saturday:Partly Sunny Highs: Mid to Upper 50s Wind: S 5-10 mph Sunday:Sunshine and Breezy Highs: MId to Upper 50s Wind: W 7-13 mph

A chilly Friday as high pressure has moved into the area. As the center of the high moves away tomorrow, temperatures will be a couple degrees milder. A re-enforcing area of high pressure will move in on Sunday and Monday. The more interesting part of the discussion involves next Tuesday and Wednesday. You may have heard or read some chatter that the East Coast might be in for a big storm next week. Well the same models that were suggesting this for the past few days have now totally dropped the idea. Here is what we think. A strong, winter-like cold front will approach and cross the area in the Tuesday/Wednesday time frame. It will get colder with areas of rain and perhaps even some snowflakes mixed in on Tuesday night. There is a possibility a low pressure system could develop along that front early Wednesday BUT the likelihood is it will develop too far off the coast to have a significant impact on our area. Could we be wrong and a storm really affect us. I suppose but it is not all likely.