Washington D.C. Forecast: Sunshine returns on Friday

Overnight:Gradual Clearing, Breezy and Turning CoolerLows: 44-52 Wind: WNW 10 m.p.h. Friday:Mostly Sunny and Seasonal Highs: Mid to Upper 60s Wind: NW 6-12 m.p.h. Saturday:Partly to Mostly Cloudy, Isolated PM Shower PossibleHighs: Mid 60s Wind: S 6-12 m.p.h.

The showers that{ }passed through the area Thursday night accompanied ga cold front as it swept towards the Atlantic Coast. It appears our area will be subjected to the effects of more frequent, cold fronts over the next week or so. Skies will rapidly clear overnight and skies will be mostly sunny tomorrow. Saturday is a challenge to forecast

Another weak cold front will approach during the day. Like today, there will be an increase in cloud cover and perhaps a stray shower or some sprinkles later in the afternoon or evening. For outdoor activity planning, we think a general rule of thumb for Saturday is to expect lower chances of sprinkles/showers north of Washington and higher chances south of Washington. But the bottom line is any shower or sprinkle activity will likely be light and widely scattered. Full sunshine will return on Sunday. We are still expecting a jolt of unseasonably chilly air by the end of next week.