Washington D.C. Forecast: More rain in the forecast

Overnight:Scattered Showers and Patchy DrizzleLows: 50s Wind: N 10-15 m.p.h. Friday:Scattered Showers Highs: Low 60s Precipitation: 50% Saturday:Mostly Cloudy, Scattered Showers Highs: Mid 60s Precipitation: 30%

That pesky, slow moving area of low pressure is creeping northward along the coast of North Carolina. It will continue, oh so slowly northward, before weakening and/or heading eastward over the ocean. It continues to interact with high pressure over New England and an upper level low pressure system over The Albemarle Sound of Eastern North Carolina. Most of the steadier and heavier rain has passed to the northwest of the Washington area.

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While the storms’ circulation may send a heavier band of rain inland now and then, I think most of the rain will be light and patchy in coverage. Many areas will see varying degrees of drizzle until clearing finally starts to develop late Sunday. In general, it will be cloudy, damp and raw through tomorrow. Temperatures will warm a few degrees over the weekend. And as indicated in the written forecast, some sunshine finally returns on Monday and may continue into Tuesday and Wednesday.