D.C. forecast: Milder weekend, winter storm Monday?

Overnight:Partly Cloudy and Cold Lows: Teens Wind: E 2-5 m.p.h. Saturday:Partly Sunny, Milder Highs: Mid 40s Wind: SSE 4-8 m.p.h. Sunday:Mostly Cloudy, Showers Late Highs: Around 50 Wind: S 5-10 m.p.h.

{ }Under clear skies, temperatures will quickly drop into the teens tonight. The frigid air mass will move out tomorrow allowing temperatures to climb into the 40s…still below average but much warmer than today. Skies will become cloudy on Sunday but temperatures will be warmer, climbing to the 50 degree mark. The farther south you are in Virginia on Sunday, it will be even warmer. Rain will develop across the area by late Sunday afternoon or evening.

Now, about Monday…computer model guidance (simulation) continues to be inconsistent. And with the storm center still along the California Coast, we have very little hard data to work with regarding the type and amount of precipitation that will likely affect our area. Right now, everything is on the table…by everything, I mean, snow, sleet, rain, and freezing rain. Potential temperature ranges across the region on Monday will be significant and will have a direct role in determining frozen versus liquid precipitation types.

While there is a possibility of significant snowfall across parts of our area, there is a likelihood of different types or combinations and transitions of precipitation during the day. The only point I am confident of, is the farther north you are from Washington, the colder it will be AND the farther south you are, the warmer it will be. I suggest you prepare for a significant winter storm on Monday but it will not be until Sunday evening, we will be able to forecast, with any confidence, what and how much of it, will fall during the day on Monday.