Washington D.C. Forecast: Coldest Air in Two Decades Arriving Today

This Afternoon:Winds Increasing Temperatures: Dropping through 30s Wind: W 15-25 mph, Gusts up to 35 mph Overnight:Frigid Air Lows: -5 - 10 Wind Chill: In the negatives Tuesday:Bitter Cold and Blustery Highs: Wind Chill: Below Zero

And here it comes! Some of the coldest air that we have seen in 20 years will be knocking on our doorstep for the next 30 some hours. Winds will kick up this afternoon and temperatures will continue to fall through the afternoon and evening, eventually ending up in the single digits overnight. Winds will stay gusty through tomorrow evening as well taking our wind chill values below zero. Sunshine will dominate Tuesday but with air temperatures in the upper single digits to the lower teens and breezy winds, it won’t do much to warm us up.

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As high pressure situates itself over the Carolinas, winds will calm and Wednesday will feature much calmer conditions with highs right below the freezing mark. Heading into Thursday, temperatures move into the 40s and a gradually warming trend will begin with daytime highs in the lower to mid 50s by Sunday. We do have a few bumps in the road with some precip (mainly rain but pockets of snow) start Thursday and continuing through Saturday afternoon.

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