Washington D.C. Forecast: Cold Pattern and Exciting Weekend

      Overnight: Mostly Clear and Cold

      Lows: 24-29 | Wind: NW-W 10 mph

      Friday: Sunny, Cold Morning, Breezy Chilly Afternoon

      Highs: 45-50 | Wind: W 10-15

      This Weekend: Sat. Sunny Pleasant Sun. Clouds-Chance snow Evening

      Highs: Sat. 53 Sun. 43 | Snow: 40% Chance by Sunday Evening

      This cold pattern looks like it will stick around for at least the next week, or so.{}Look at the high temperature departure for today.{}{}


      {}Also, check out the Climate Prediction Center's 6-10 day outlook.{} That's a lot of blue and purple on the map, which means a lot of colder than average temperatures!



      Winds diminish tonight and, with clearing skies, temperatures more at home for January than March.{} The next "weather maker" for us will be a storm forming late Saturday in the lower Midwest and moving to the east.{} Much too early to say with confidence what it will do here but right now some snow at the beginning-late Sunday and Sunday night is possible.