Warm weather in D.C. draws out crowds

People take advantage of the warm evening.

A scene you'd never expect to see on the first of February: diners eating outside in shorts.

February got a warm welcome in Washington. Earlier in the day the temperatures came in around 70 degrees.

Many people who couldn't get out while the sun was up took the nocturnal approach. Sidewalk cafes were bustling.

"I was in work all day," said District resident Rachel Azaroff. "I didn't get to enjoy the weather so I'm excited to be sitting out here this evening."

"It feels great," said Arlington resident Shari Cohen. "I could be wearing a t-shirt right now."

Adam Diallo spends every day at his flower stand. For him, a warm spell makes life a little more comfortable.

"I love it, it's great," Diallo said. "It feel like springtime."

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