Still warm with showers and thundershowers today

Today: Lots of clouds, some sun and showers and t-showers later

Highs: 74°-78° | Wind: SW 5-10

Saturday: Partly cloudy and mild

Highs: 71°-76° | Wind:{ }N/NE 5-10

Sunday: Limited sunshine and cooler with an easterly breeze

Highs: 63°-67° | Wind: E/SE 5-10

Unseasonably warm weather will continue but not quite as warm looking ahead. It's interesting to note @ADAMCASKEY tweet about second highest average afternoon high{ }temperatures for 3/1 to 3/15 on record. Interesting because we only set one record high during that stretch{ }and that was yesterday when it hit 81 degrees. And even with many more days forecast to reach into the 70s, no record high temperatures are expected locally.

There is a bit{ }of a lazy weather pattern today. Areas of low clouds, increasing chances of showers and thunderstorms later today and only periods of sunshine but we'll still manage to climb into the 70s in many areas.

The weekend will feature pleasant weather beginnning with a partly cloudy forecast tomorrow with highs into the middle 70s. On Sunday, an easterly breeze will briefly cool things down with highs forecast only...laugh...only in the mid 60s. I{ } expect to see limited sunshine on Sunday. By Monday, the atmosphere will start to heat up, once again.