Virginia weather shuts down roads, causes back-ups

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - If you made it on the road on Friday in Fairfax County, chances are you saw an orange sign indicating that some roads were not for passing.

Steve Barto watched as car after car drove through high waters on Leesburg Pike in Vienna with police direction – thanks to Colvin Run running over.

Across the river in Rockville, one car did not make it. A man tried crossing Scott Street, but his BMV stalled out and got stuck.

Another Clarksburg driver also found himself in danger as he passed through New Cut Road, where water nearly engulfed his car.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue units were able to pull him out and get him to safety.

"It was just a deluge...I hit the water and the engine stalled," said driver Tony Resta, who added that it all happened so fast, and before he knew it, he and his car were both trapped.

The heavy rain was relentless overnight and into the morning, making early commutes difficult in places like Canal Road in Northwest D.C. And the light of day brought with it visible problems seemingly everywhere.

Woodburn Road in Annandale was impassable, while it appears that weekend ball games at this park off Braddock Road may get called off. Farther south, Jefferson Davis Highway was shut down for hours near Fairfax County Parkway – a major closure leading to big back-ups.

In the Huntington section of Fairfax County, where the threat of flooding is a way of life, residents fortunately managed to avoid trouble.

Meanwhile, on King Street in Old Town, Alexandria, typically familiar flooding was a bit deeper and wider this time around – but it’s something that nearby residents have come to expect by now.