Virginia Statewide Tornado Drill

It's that time of year. Longer duration of daylight, warmer days, and severe weather. So, what is your plan if a tornado warning was issued in your area?

Join over one million Virginians participating in a state-wide tornado drill at 9:45am this morning. The Department of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service join together to promote a Weather Ready Nation.

At 9:45am, NOAA Weather Radio will broadcast a test warning from the National Weather Service. Broadcast media, local television and radio stations, will alert the public to the test warning. At that time, the public is asked to practice tornado safety and take cover in an interior room; basement, closet until the tornado drill has ended.

It is important to remember that tornadoes can happen at any time of year and at any time of day. Tornadoes are most common during late spring and early fall when there are drastic changes in temperature over a relatively short distance. Notice the spike in U.S. tornado frequency in May.


67 tornadoes have struck Virginia in the last three years, killing 10 people and injuring more than 100. One of those tornadoes touched down in Chantilly, VA on March 10, 2011. It was a weak, EF0 tornado with max wind speeds of 65 mph, but it still caused damage to trees and roofs, as the tornado traveled 4.5 miles. For more archived tornadoes click here. By practicing and preparing today for severe weather. you can stay safer in the event that severe weather threatens.{ }