Valentine's Day delivery orders fall due to storm

(WJLA) - The orders keep coming for Valentine’s Day flowers, but the numbers are still low.

"We know that there is not going to be that many walk-in customers if in fact it snows the amount they say it is," says owner Stacie Lee of Lee’s Flowers, who adds that typically, orders rack up to over 200.

Right now, the number of orders is at less than half that – so she was forced to cut delivery drivers.

"This is the worst time of the year for a florist to have snow because it messes up our deliveries," she says.

Florists are now trying to encourage customers not to wait, and Tim Franklin listened:

"It's going to snow tonight, and I want to be able to relax with her tonight and know some flowers are coming."

Up in Silver Spring at Potomac Floral Wholesale, they heard the storm was coming, so they started sending their deliveries to shops earlier this week. And they were still doing so on Wednesday, trying to get every last-minute flower out:

"They want the flowers delivered at the office so when the guy walks in with a dozen roses, everybody sees it, everybody gets excited, and hopefully the guy at home gets two brownie points."

Meanwhile back at Lee’s Flowers, they are trying to do whatever possible to make sure all of their customers receive their Valentine’s Day bouquets:

"If we have to sleep in here, we'll be here."