Up to 11 hurricanes could hit U.S. in 2013

Seven to 11 hurricanes - three to six of them major. That's what the National Weather Service says will hit the U.S. in 2013.

“These ranges reflect quite a lot of activity and are centered well above the seasonal averages,” says Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, acting National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration administrator.

In step with an active weather pattern that began in the mid-90s, this year is set to be another busy hurricane season. Some storms could bring winds up to 111 miles per hour.

“We again encourage families and businesses in states along the gulf and Atlantic coast and inland from those coasts to take time now to create or refresh their hurricane preparedness plan,” Sullivan says.

Experts can’t say for sure which part of the country will be hardest hit, or even where the bulk of them will hit land. But officials say typically, the most severe weather comes between August and October and added when you hear the warnings, it's imperative to evacuate.

“Whether it's an evacuation on the shoreline or inland flooding, not evacuating is where we lost most people,” says Joseph Nimmich of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Experts add it’s important to keep at least 72 hours-worth of food and water in your home in case of an emergency.