Tropical Storm Chantal: A Threat to the U.S.?

The Atlantic hurricane season officially began June 1st.{ } As of Sunday, there were only two named storms this season -- Andrea and Barry.{ }{ }Now we're on to our third named storm, Chantal.{ } Tropical Storm Chantal developed late Sunday night over the central tropical Atlantic and was racing west-northwest toward the Lesser Antilles.{ } Here's the latest infrared satellite image of Chantal approaching the Windward Islands.


As of late Monday, Chantal is still a tropical storm and is on track to bring rain and wind to the Leeward and Windward Islands by Tuesday with tropical storm conditions expected near Puerto Rico by late Wednesday.{ } Here's the latest track from the National Hurricane Center.


As Chantal tracks northwest, the storm could be near hurricane strength before it reaches Hispaniola.{ } After Chantal moves past Hispaniola, the storm should be affected by environmental conditions that will weaken the cyclone.{ } As of now, there does not seem to be any threat to the U.S.{ } The rest of the tropics remain fairly quiet this early July.{ }