Tremendous snow totals and high winds plaster the Pacific NW

Check out some of the latest snowfall totals and wind gust reports in the Pacific Northwest. Over a foot of snow has fallen in some areas and over 100 m.p.h. winds have been recorded along the Oregon coastline! Some awesome pictures are beginning to stream in from the area as well. Here is a 360 degree picture from the streets of Seattle sent in from Twitter user @KyleHD. Of course there is a Starbucks on the corner! How about some crazy facebook pictures sent in to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News. Does that remind you of anything? (Yes, that was my car the morning after one of the February storms in 2010) Below is an awesome time lapse from Anacortes, WA of the clouds streaming into the mountains. If you don't know where that is, see here. The lapse{ }is from one of our WeatherBug cameras.

Now you have to love those cheeky and fun Seattlons, Seattleites, Satellites, Seattletonians? Well, whatever they are called, they have a good artsy side to them. Here's one persons walk to work in the "Seattle Snowpocalypse". Honestly though, is every big snow now called a snowpocalypse or snowmageddon?

It's almost over for Seattle as the Winter Storm Warning goes through 8pm tonight. Then, hey what'd ya know, rain is in the forecast for the next week! Oh beautiful, sunny and dry Seattle, how do people not love you? No wonder coffee is the beverage of choice... I'd need it too if it was dark and dreary an average of 226 days a year.