Trees down, power out in Md. from icy storm

(WJLA) - This ice was predicted, but no one here expected the amount of damage it caused – especially Emory Haines.

This huge oak tree in his front yard is one of countless trees that came down in Western Howard and Carroll Counties in this ice storm. At 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Haines heard a loud crash:

“When it broke the power line, it caused a small fire in the yard and the power is off and it went completely across the road."

Everywhere you look, you see trees covered with ice, and you didn’t have to travel far to see trees down and roads closed. Power lines are also weighed down by ice or tree limbs, and people around the area say they haven’t seen anything like this before.

"Don't remember it this bad....lot of trees broke up everywhere...the one we had got pulled up by the roots," says Steve Snyder.

And power crews had their hands full, untangling lines and rushing to get power restored.

"More trees are coming down while we are here, more limbs have come down and taken out another section of wire. I thought it would have melted by now, but it hasn't," says L.J. Esslinger.

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