Tornadoes strike the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Video)

      A severe weather outbreak has taken place over parts of Texas today with numerous tornadoes reported along with extremely large hail. The set up for the region was very{}indicative{}having the chance for tornadoes as{}there was plenty of moisture and shear and enough instability with{}an{}outflow boundary lurking around the area.{}

      The Storm Prediction Center first put out a Severe Thunderstorm Watch{}this morning but upgraded it to a Tornado Watch about 30 minutes before the{}Tornado Warnings were issued.{}Pictures and videos have been streaming in throughout the day of the tornadoes{}but luckily so far I haven't heard of any reports of deaths.

      Check out this crazy raw video from out of Dallas/Fort Worth. The images are crazy around 1:30-2:00 as you can clearly see tractor trailers being tossed around over a shipping yard.


      Here are more videos of{}Tuesday's{}tornadoes from across the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

      Another amazing picture from Twitter can be found here. Even Texas Rangers baseball player Mike Napoli caught video of what appeared to be a funnel cloud crossing over the Rangers Stadium.

      How about a picture of a tree upside down lying up against a building? That can be found here.