Tornado Watch Friday


8:54pm:{ } The severe threat is over with all tornado watches canceled.{ } Light to moderate rain continues to fall across much of the region, but it will begin to taper off over the next few hours.{ } This is the last post of today's live blog.{ } Thanks for following our updates!

7:52pm:{ } Check out these wind gusts from earlier courtesy of our WeatherBug network.{ }70mph wind gust in Waldorf at Thomas Stone HS.{ }{ }Over 50 mph gusts in Upper Marlboro, La Plata, and Huntingtown.{ }{ }Still{ }rather{ }gusty over the next few hours, but nothing expected beyond severe limits (50mph).

7:31pm: The strongest storms are quickly exiting the region{ }and{ }some counties have been allowed to drop out of the Tornado Watch including Frederick in MD and Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Stafford, Orange and Spotsylvania in VA.{ }

7:30pm: Severe thunderstorm warnings canceled for the DC metro area; however, they remain in effect through 8pm for southern Maryland, Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties.

6:33pm:{ } New severe thunderstorm warning for Fredericksburg, Culpeper, Fauquier, King George, Prince William, Spotslyvania, and Stafford counties in VA.{ } Also, Charles county in MD included in this warning in effect through 7:15pm.{ }

6:25pm:{ } Watching a very intense storm cell moving towards Fredericksburg.{ } This particular line has interesting characteristics, but definitely is producing blinding rain, possible hail, and likely damaging winds.{ } This line of storms is moving towards the northeast at 45mph.{ } Take shelter now if you are in the path of this storm.

6:00pm:{ }{ } Latest StormScan really shows the intensifying line of storms stretching through central VA and NC. These storms will continue tracking ENE and will likely cause dangerous weather in DC within the next 1-2 hours.{ }

5:28pm:{ } New severe thunderstorm warnings for southwestern Orange, eastern Nelson, southeast Greene, Albemarle, and southern Madison counties until 6pm.{ }

{ }

5:12pm:{ } Line of heavy rain and gusty winds moving east towards the Blue Ridge.{ } No severe thunderstorm warnings associated with this line yet.

4:33pm: Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings are being seen across North Carolina and are beginning to extend into Southern Virginia. Stronger storms will get to the D.C. area closer to 6pm or later.

4:25pm:{ } The metro is still warm, muggy, breezy, and dry.{ } Rain and storms are moving into the viewing area now.{ } A line of strong thunderstorms rolling through western Maryland.{ }

3:19pm:{ } A lot of people get confused on the difference between a watch and warning.{ } The entire viewing area is under a Tornado Watch.{ } This means atmospheric conditions are conducive for the development of rotation/tornadoes.{ } A warning, on the other hand, means there is doppler indicated rotation or a tornado was spotted.{ } At this time, the area is under a watch.{ } Keep following our live blog, WJLA, NewsChannel8 and our social media accounts for any changes.

3:08pm: Checking or interactive radar, the line of heavier showers and storms are still out over the mountains and will move into the Shenandoah Valley over the next couple of hours.

2:55pm: Here is a look at the Tornado Watch from the Storm Prediction Center. Their team is thinking there is a moderate threat for tornadoes in the watch box but a low threat for strong tornadoes.

We think this is correct because as far as dynamics are concerned, there is plenty of shear in the atmosphere but not a lot of instability. This would be more conducive to isolated rotating storms ahead of the line{ }and possibly more in the way of some rotating storms along a line of severe weather (something the us mets call a line echo wave pattern).{ }There is also a moderate{ }threat for{ }damaging winds.{ }

2:06pm: The Storm Prediction Center has placed the D.C. area under a Tornado Watch until 10pm tonight. We will have more on this as we head through the afternoon but currently storms are developing over West Virginia and will move east into the D.C. area later this afternoon and evening. Stay right here for the latest updates.