Tornado in Maugansville, near Hagerstown, on 5/18/11 (VIDEO)

Around 8:10 p.m. yesterday evening, a bloated funnel cloud reached down to muss up the land around Maugansville, Md., pushing large trees over and whipping shingles off of roofs. The Herald Mail has the definitive story on the weather event, adding that an R.V. was overturned and a porch ripped from a house. Maugansville is about 80 miles northwest of D.C. (Miss our photo gallery of this suspected twister?)

Naturally, people had their iPhones waiting. The below video is from YouTube user elenka05, who captured a whirling funnel against purplish skies:

This video, from the same user, offers a different view:

And this video, from gtispaz03, doesn't show much at all but is pretty funny for how quickly the cameraman booked it (completely understandable given the freakin' tornado nearby):