The National Christmas Tree is weirdly misshapen (PHOTO)

Seeing as this blog covered a weird-looking Christmas tree yesterday, here's another one, located right in front of the White House inside President's Park.

The tree in the photo above is the National Christmas Tree, the official U.S. TOTUS. It's not to be confused with the White House Christmas Tree, which arrives in the Blue Room each year as a gift from Christmas tree lobbyists competing for the president's attention (no joke). The nation's highest spruce outdid itself this year in environmental friendliness, using General Electric's LED lights to burn at just under 2,000 watts. It's the most energy-efficient tree of its kind in U.S. history.

But, uh, something is wrong here.

The tree has a strange lump jutting forth from its top, making it look like the titular monster from the 1993 LucasArts videogame, Day of the Tentacle. Or maybe more like Kuato from Total Recall. If you touch the tree, will it read your mind?

Perhaps the problem here is the net of LED lights that is thrown over the tree as if a half-blind whaler had mistaken it for his next paycheck. A bough does appear to be caught up in there in the way a loose fin would. But the other Christmas trees around the park seem normal enough... what gives?